Organic Maitake Mushrooms


Ingredients: Organic Maitake Mushrooms


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Maitake mushrooms are touted for their health benefits, especially towards the immune system. They are made up of beta-glucan, polysaccharides, and a specific constituent called Maitake D-Fraction. These mushrooms have been used in Asia for centuries and are known in Japan as the “dancing mushroom,” since it was considered so valuable that people would dance in the forest when they found it. It is also known as “hen of the woods,” since the mushroom resembles the ruffled feathers of a nesting hen.

In Chinese medicine, Maitake mushrooms are used to boost the Spleen’s energy of digestion, as well as calming the Spirit.

Maitake has been studied extensively for its promising role in cancer therapy. It has also been researched for its beneficial effects on blood sugar levels. Maitake is considered adaptogenic, which means that it helps the body physically and mentally respond better to stressors.

Directions for cooking: Soak in water for 15-20 minutes and then add to soups, stews, or stir-fries. These mushrooms tend to soak up the flavors they are cooked with, so have fun and be creative! Click here for a simple Maitake mushroom recipe.

Grown on a wheat bran and soy bean hull substrate.

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