Liver Tonic Tea


Liver needing some love? The Liver Tonic Tea may gently assist the liver in it’s everyday role of cleansing and detoxing. This tea formula is comprised of Dandelion rt., Burdock rt., Echinacea rt., Oregon Grape rt., Yellow Dock rt., Chapparal, and Licorice rt.

Price is per ounce.

Our Liver Tonic tea is a perfect blend of bitter herbs, tied together with sweet licorice root. The liver is responsible for many different functions in the body, including blood purification and glucose storage. Make sure your liver is in tip-top shape by drinking herbal liver support teas, such as the Liver Tonic tea!

Featured herbs include Chapparal, Dandelion rt., Burdock rt., Echinacea rt., Oregon Grape rt., Yellow Dock rt., Milk Thistle seeds and licorice root.

Chapparal: A wonderful herb for blood purification and detoxing toxic substances in the body.

Dandelion rt.: Popular in detox blends, the power of Dandelion rt. is seen in it’s beneficial actions on the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.

Burdock rt.: Burdock rt. is eaten as a food in some Asian countries and has been traditionally used as a blood purifier.

Echinacea rt.: A well-known herb in Western herbalism, Echinacea rt. plays a role in the immune system by increasing our white blood cell activity.

Suggested use: Use 1 tsp. of herbs per cup of tea. Bring water to a boil, turn heat down to low simmer and add herbs. Let simmer 5-10 minutes, strain herbs and enjoy.

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