Herbal Coffee


Dragon’s Den Herbal Coffee

Enjoy this herbal coffee day or night! A tasty blend that can easily replace your regular coffee and give your nervous system a well-deserved break.

Organic Ingredients: Roasted Dandelion rt., roasted Chicory rt., Reishi mushroom, Ashwagandha rt., Cinnamon Chips, Cacao nibs

Coffee: one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. However, for those who with sensitive digestive or nervous systems, coffee can be really damaging. We all know how addictive coffee can be, which leads to an endless cycle of ups and downs, peaks and crashes. This is where the Dragon’s Den Herbal Coffee can change up the coffee addiction and give your body some well-rounded herbal support!

For those who have always avoided coffee because of its “side effects” such as insomnia, anxiety, and jitters – look no further. Our Herbal Coffee tastes great and won’t keep you up at night. It blends well with any form of alternative milk such as coconut, almond, oat, or soy milk. Add your choice of sweetener for a blissful retreat!

For those who have found themselves turning to coffee time and time again, this Herbal Coffee is a great tool in easing off of caffeine – simply use half Herbal Coffee and half regular coffee and work your way to using mostly Herbal Coffee to gently ease off of caffeine dependence. You may be surprised to see how good it feels to tune into the body’s natural and innate energy reserves rather than depending on a coffee buzz, only to crash later.

This Herbal Coffee is already a customer favorite and for good reason. We invite you to give your body a healthier option when it comes to coffee! Herbs like roasted Dandelion root and roasted Chicory root have beneficial effects on the liver and digestive system. Reishi mushrooms and Ashwagandha root are two wonderful adaptogenic herbs, which means that they help the body adapt to physical, emotional/mental, and environmental stress. Cinnamon is often used to support healthy blood sugar levels, and cacao nibs are a high antioxidant food with much less caffeine content than coffee beans. Cacao has been traditionally used in ancient cultures to stimulate feelings of affection and well-being.

All together, these herbs combine to make a well-rounded blend that’s sure to please!

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