Kitchari combines protein and carbohydrates in a single dish making it satisfying and nourishing. Includes Agni (fire) kindling spices – making food easier to digest. Use this Dahl and Kitchari spice mix to add flavor and digestive fire to your meals! 

Uses: Flavor dahl, kitchari and use in place of curry powder in traditional Indian dishes, or add to blended pumpkin or sweet potato soup, and sprinkled on steamed veggies or grains. In the recipes below, instead of the dried spices use close to an equal amount of Spice Mix.

The Dahl and Kitchari Spice Mix is sold in 4 oz bags, but can be special ordered in larger quantities and shipped to you by contacting Lala directly at 949-735-5625.

Find a Cleansing and Nourishing Kitchari recipe here!

Another great recipe to check out is Lala’s Yellow Split Mung Dhal recipe.

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