Happy Chinese New Year 2022!

Happy Chinese New Year
of the Water Tiger!

Chinese New Year occurs on the day of the new moon between January 21st and February 20th. For us, this occurs on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022!

It is customary for families to thoroughly clean their home, so as to sweep away any negative energies and make room for incoming prosperity and good luck. Also, it is recommended not to sweep the first few days after the New Year so as not to sweep away any good luck.

Purchasing new clothing and new shoes support the idea of a "new start". Pick up a new Dragon's Den T-shirt and begin fresh!

Decorate with the color red. If you have an altar, take down the old decorations of the year and replace with new decorations.

The night before is usually marked with a dinner feast for family. Prayers of thanksgiving are said during the reunion dinner to celebrate the safe passage of the previous year. Some will give their respects to ancestors and deities, whereas religious followers such as Christian's opt for a Christian prayer instead.

Many places in China still follow the tradition of eating only vegetarian food on the first day of the New Year, as it is believed that doing so will bring joy and peace into their lives for the whole year.

On the day of Chinese New Year, families usually gather at each other's homes and give each other oranges and tangerines to symbolize wealth and good luck (due to their roundness, their brilliant color and 'fullness'. Family will also give red envelopes containing money to the younger members of the family. The amount is often given in numbers ending in 8 since it sounds similar to the word 'prosperity', whereas numbers ending in 4 are avoided because it sounds similar to the word 'death'.

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