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Stress and Brain Health

Stress and Brain Health We’ve all heard of Cortisol in one way or another being described as the “stress hormone” – what exactly is Cortisol, anyway? Cortisol is the body’s response to stress and is created by the Adrenal glands. Cortisol is fine in small amounts, yet damaging in chronic situations. A “fight-or-flight” response is what …

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Liver Cleansing Foods

  List of foods to support Liver Cleansing! Artichoke Green veggies: Asparagus, Cucumber, Broccoli-brassica/cruciferous, Celery Beets Radishes & Daikon Watercress Turmeric/Curcumin Leafy & Bitter Greens: Mustard, Sorrel, Arugula,  Collards, Kale, Romaine, Endive, Dandelion Barley greens Burdock (gobo) Parsley Garlic & Onion Chlorophyll, Wheat grasses, Seaweeds & Spirulina (Like Dragon’s Den Green Drink) Sour Fruits: Lemons, Lime, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Crab …

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How To Be A Dragon

The dragon is alive with energy and full of vitality. Flying to the highest heavens and diving to deepest oceans, breathing the fire of awareness that burns away all illusion. The dragon lives in the present tense at all times and displays through its presence compassionate action and heart-felt understanding. In Chinese mythology, we humans …

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