High Antioxidant Foods based on ORAC scale

An important key for superior health and longevity is to eat foods that score high on the

Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC).

Antioxidant capacity is measured in ORAC units per 100 grams (3.5 oz.) of food.

A high number of ORAC units means more antioxidant power which translates into a healthier, stronger body and a clearer, focused mind.

The body and mind function better in every way when the body and blood chemistry are rich with antioxidants.


Food   (organic)                                               ORAC Units

Cacao (pure dark chocolate)                                   13,120

Rosemary                                                                    6,000

Prunes                                                                         5,770

Blueberries                                                                  2,400

Blackberries                                                                2.036

Kale                                                                             1,770

Green Tea                                                                   1,686

Strawberries                                                                1,540

Spinach                                                                       1,260

Raspberries                                                                 1,220

Brussels sprouts                                                          980

Plums                                                                          949

Alfalfa sprouts                                                            930

Broccoli                                                                      890

Beets                                                                           840

Oranges                                                                       750

Red grapes                                                                  739

Red bell pepper                                                           710

Cherries                                                                       670

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