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Alkaline Foods and Supplements


Benefits of an Alkaline food program

1) Lowers risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

2) Relieves and remedies inflammation and chronic pain and discomfort.

3) Protects bone density and muscle mass.

4) Assists in vitamin and mineral absorption.

5) Improves Immune function, protecting one from disease and illness.

6) Helps maintain a healthy weight.

Foods that Alkalize the Body

* Fruits and vegetables, green vegetable juices and green vegetable smoothie’s

* Leafy green and cruciferous vegetables

* Raw foods

* Adaptogen herbs

* Alkaline water

* Noni juice

* Chlorophyll

* Aloe Vera gel

* Cereal grasses

* Seaweeds, especially kelp and dulse

* Micro-algae’s

* Royal Jelly

* Medicinal mushrooms* Bee pollen

* Lemons and berries

* Sprouts and micro-greens

* Most fermented foods

* Wild edible greens and edible flowers

Some quick Alkalizing methods

1). Fresh Lemon Juice. 1 teaspoon in a ½ glass of water

2). Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) or potassium bicarbonate. 1 teaspoon in a glass of water

3). Chlorophyll

4). Vitamin C

5). Digestive enzymes with food

Ways to generate an acid-alkaline balance

1) High hydration; drinking pure fresh spring water, alkaline and coconut waters

2) Breath practice

3) Minerals – calcium, magnesium and trace minerals

4) Exercise wisely

5) Rest, sleep and relaxation

6) Green vegetables and green vegetable juices

7) Epsom salt baths

8) Enzymes

9) Probiotic’s

10) Antioxidants

11) Eat a nutrient dense, high water content, alkaline based food program

12) Stress reduction.  Release mental and emotional stresses

13) High alkaline foods. Vegetables, fruits, seaweed, lemons, green cereal grass powders.

14) Lifestyle changes

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